Rachel Butterworth


For the past three years I have taught at the Claudia Rolando Singing Institute in Amsterdam, teaching a scientific and anatomy based technique to students of all ages from around the world. Many students were preparing for exams and performances, but there were also a great deal of students who had singing lessons to gain confidence, to share a part of themselves, or to simply have fun!

Me with my fellow teachers at the Claudia Rolando Singing Institute.

I teach a holistic technique that centres around the student and takes in the many elements that are at play when we sing. As well as understanding technique, the well-being of the student and facilitating a safe and creative space are also of great importance. Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the voice are considered, and above all else connecting to the joy that comes with sharing our voice through song.

Everyone can sing and experience the joy in their voice.

Alongside teaching I am also a performer. I studied Music Performance at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music and performed at many venues around Bristol in a two piece folk band. I have also performed in opera performances at venues such as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as theatre productions, recitals, solo pieces and musicals. I have sung with a wide range of companies including Iford Opera, Bath Opera and The National Music Theatre. At the moment I am writing songs for a folk project with my sister, Hazel Ivy.